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The Pines - Stewart Marchman


8/22/08 It is alleged that at least 4 staff members (including the program director) are having sexual relations with the juveniles at The Pines (Contract Provider: Stewart Marchman).

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Date: Mon, 25 Aug 2008 10:17:14 -0400
Subject: RE: COMPLAINT: Felony sexual abuse alleged at DJJ's Stewart Marchman Pines
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The case number is 2008-05253

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Subject: COMPLAINT: Felony sexual abuse alleged at DJJ's Stewart Marchman Pines

Frank Peterman,
cc: Mary Eubanks, Gus Barreiro, Darryl Olson, Shairi Turner, Quintin Jones, Christina Wesner  

Alleged sexual abuse of female juvenile offenders by staff and program director at Stewart Marchman The Pines  

Read below message received  8/22/08 at JUSTICE4KIDS.ORG, alleging "at least 4 staff members (including the program director) that are having sexual relations with the juveniles in our facility." These concerns were submitted by Christina Wesner, 386-589-9717, .

Please confirm receipt of this complaint and provide to me the DJJ IG/CCC incident #. 

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Subject: A bunch of rotten apples can also spoil the lone apple!!!!!
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I am just wanting to get the ball rolling on a few issues here.......first let me start by saying that I am a former ( I was relieved of duty today when I reported to work) of stewart marchman pines B program for females which is under contract by DJJ. I was employed there for approx 5 months and in this time period I have been nauseated, sick to my stomach and totally baffled by the way things have been ran. I also worked for DJJ at VRJDC approx 10 years ago. In no sense am I at all pointing the finger at DJJ as an organization seeing as you are very busy with the other thousand programs you all are running in contract with....let me first say that I know of at least 4 staff members (including the program director) that are having sexual relations with the juveniles in our facility. One of which has already been fired because of myself. Since that time they have looked for a reason to fire me. that's just the top of the list.... I am going to be contacting Quentin Jones on Monday morning in reference to these issues. I just want to make sure someone else is aware of some of the things going on at this facility. The man that was fired because I went to H.R. has since called and threatened me. I am very concerned in regards to this. Many of the females in our program trusted me to do something about the issues at this program. I was eventually fired because my supervisor telling me, I shouldn't listen to what these kids are saying.... he was referring to another one of the girls telling me she made out with one of the case managers. Of course that isn't on paper anywhere. But if anyone wants to listen "for the sake of these girls" because my intintions have never been more in the right place please feel free to call me..... I would never want my child in this facilty

my name is Christina Wesner


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The Pines programs are structured, non-secure residential treatment facilities for female offenders. It provides gender specific treatment services including psychosocial and cognitive programming to address behavioral, social and interpersonal issues related to self control, respect for self and others, emotional intelligence, social and cultural competence. Average length of stay is 6-8 months; youth must provide their own clothing.

Operating Capacity: 54, Serves Ages 13-18

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