Here are examples of the abuse or neglect that children and their parents often face when dealing with the Department of Juvenile Justice. Some of the stories have been published in the news media; most have not. Our purpose in presenting these accounts is to encourage others to come forward. At the end of the day, the only way change can be made is if enough people demand it. Your stories can make that happen. Read these accounts.

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You can also post your incident on the blog, Juvenile Justice Florida Style!.

Recent Complaints:

CCC# Facility Frank Peterman became DJJ Secretary in February, 2008.

Peterman can be contacted by:
  Cell phone at 850-210-3815 and by E-mail at

2008-05253 The Pines
2008-04507 DeSota
2008-04150 Dozier
2008-03998 Collier Academy
2008-03930 Pasco JDC
2008-03860 Graceville
2008-03803 Okaloosa Youth Academy
2008-03167 Dade


2008-02930 Pasco JDC
2008-02913 Graceville
2008-02542 DeSota
2008-02484 Hastings
2008-02452 Dozier
2008-01870 Osceola JDC SUBSTANTIATED
2008-01488 Manatee (MATC)
2007-06705 Collier Academy
CAP 5 & 6 Hastings