Click one of these options for information on who to contact to file a formal complaint or grievance dealing with:

  1. DJJ policies and procedures (or lack of same)
  2. Physical and/or emotional abuse
  3. Neglect or abuse by a health care provider at a DJJ facility.

1. DJJ policies and procedures --- Do you have a complaint about, or grievance with, the Florida Department of Juvenile Justice? Well, here is where you can e-mail your issue to Frank Peterman, Secretary, Florida Department of Juvenile Justice.

Some information to include in your e-mail:

bulletWhat happened? Be focused, describe only one complaint or grievance per e-mail.
bulletWho is involved? Provide names, titles, phone numbers and/or e-mail addresses.
bulletWhen did it happen? Give times and dates.
bulletWhere did it happen? Give address or name of the place where the complaint or grievance took place.
bulletState what action you want taken.
bulletGive your name and telephone number where you can be reached.

E-mail your complaint to Wansley Walters.


2. Physical and/or emotional abuse on youth by staff --- Do you have a complaint or grievance about Department of Juvenile Justice (DJJ) staff dealing with any of these areas:


Physical or verbal abuse on youth by DJJ staff?


Sexual harassment by DJJ staff?


Drug use or other improprieties by DJJ staff?


Intimidation toward youth or parent by DJJ staff?

If so, please contact:
Office of the Inspector General
Department of Juvenile Justice


3. Neglect or abuse by a health care provider at a DJJ facility

November 09, 2003

Are you having problems with a licensed health care provider? This can be any provider medical or mental health. Have you attempted to resolve the problem with your child’s juvenile detention facility? If so, and you are getting no results, here is another source that may be of help to you.

First, write a letter of complaint to the facility supervisor. Inform the supervisor of the problem and let him or her know that if it does not get resolved, you will file a formal complaint with the Florida Department of Health against their individual license.

Then, if you still do not get a satisfactory response, file a complaint with the Florida Department of Health. Here’s how:

1. Get information about the health care worker by searching the Health Licensee and Continuing Education Providers Information section on the Florida Department of Health website. To start your search, click here

2. Print out, complete, and mail an appropriate complaint form. To get a form, click here

This form will give you all the information you need to file a complaint. It also defines the type of complaint that they investigate.



Revised 11/04/2013