Flier distributed Fall 2002:

Representative Frank Peterman Petered Out !

I spent almost one year conversing with Frank Peterman and his staff concerning an issue they said they were representing me on (having books be allowed in the rooms of youth detained at Florida’s Juvenile Detention Centers). I met with Frank Peterman. I continued to get petition signatures as advised. I put forth a lot of effort and was extremely patient with the slow bureaucratic process.

Patient UNTIL… September 25, 2002, when I was informed by Peterman’s office that Frank Peterman is not MY representative; that I should have addressed my concerns with MY representative in Clearwater.

I chose Frank Peterman because he was a Juvenile Justice House Committee Member, and because our local JDC has a high percentage of children whose parents live in his St Petersburg district.

What kind of Representative would string along a citizen in this manner? A Representative who is not honorable, that’s who!!

Representative Peterman… SHAME ON YOU!

DO NOT vote for Representative Frank Peterman, Jr. (District 55)

Concerned Citizen, Cathy Corry

Printed 9/26/02 by justice4kids.org