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Lionel Tate, 16, with his mother Kathleen Grossett-Tate at his side, breaks a smile outside the Broward County jail after he is released Monday evening. Jared Lazarus/Miami Herald

Please let Lionel Tate know that I think he's a good person.  As a mother of a beautiful, intelligent, compassionate 12-year-old, I know that even the most mentally well-developed children in this age group still lack judgment skills in many areas.  I worry about Lionel's self-worth being broken by the oppressive system in Florida.  I think it's important that Lionel knows there are many people in the country who understand.  Lionel has had to suffer the horror of causing the death of a playmate and a system's attempt to destroy him.  I pray that he is able to overcome all of these things and find a happy, productive life in his future.  I was shocked to discover that such a system existed in our country and I'm glad it's being changed more than I'm glad I don't live in Florida!  I'm so thankful that the world stood up and defended Lionel by demanding that Florida treat him compassionately.  ~ Anonymous message received at  received at


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bullet03/10/01 Childhood's End, "March 9, 2001 was a day of shame in America: Lionel Tate was sentenced to life in prison for a crime he committed when he was 12. Is this really the America we want?" - Gary Kamiya, Salon